Thursday, June 3, 2010

shopping with my man

lol,,,, SInce my mom is unwell, my abah n I have to shop together, the best part is, even brtekak" wif abah bcoz i dunno which one is the typical fish yng mama slalu beli.. grrr... then according to mom's list, kn beli sardin with cap merah kt penutupnya, ais krim -choc flavour -mangolia, pear kaler hijau, buah apple - make sure the shape is a bit oval.dont opt for superficial one, maybe over racun sgt~~~ i am sure mama is a GREEN people

n the list goes on and on.... now i realized, the importnce of a MOTHER to take care of her family,her child, foods & other stuff.. huk3...

ystday, my turn masak! OMG did i tell u i dont know how to cook??? herm... first trial = fail! ikan hangus.. lalalala~~ then my mom membebel non stop.. 2nd trial! passsssss

sedap kot.. oh ya, kt uma my dad is the one who always eat fish. he wont eat anytg else but fish.. (*ok sometimes he opt for egg). BEEF?? nooo
chicken ? double nooo.

AND I DONT KNOW WHY, myb he is on diet, ;) soorry abah....
bt he memang kurus skit dah, myb berkat men badminton every thursday and sunday, n if he won , memang bertin tin 100 plus bawa balik uma. hahah.

n ending dia my sis and I yng habiskan,lalala

mama ~~ cepatla sembuh, nak makan sedap2 :( amiin

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