Friday, June 4, 2010


FIRST OF ALL.... - CUBA????_ yup it is a name of a place. more specificly a country. hahha. well i got this name during my high school, @ mjsc kota kinabalu.

and dont ask me why, coz i still wondering why bt i never had the urge to ask "them". THEM ----> all my guy friend who love to label people, & also the volleyball players . I try to convince myself that it doesnt matter what they really want to insult, yet it gets past all my armour. and sometimes it can eat away my inner confidence and make me question myself.

BUT AS time goes by, you realized that people couldn't stop shut their mouth up. then, it makes me grow - i should get heal without getting bitter. ;)

enoff with that,

bt i have some clue, to reveal THE secret of "cuba girl".. tadaaaaa~

a) because i have tan complexion, thank you to all the tournaments and games, which never fail to give me a remarkable gift ----> SUN BURN. ;) . ( love is colourblind, i shouldnt worry too much)

b) because i have a nice service.. hahah, not my intention to brag, bt i remembered we won a game at district level, because of my 24 times non-stop-service. hihi. 25-1.. wuhooo.

credit to MR HASSAN , my autocratic couch who once made me cried during the practise because my service was errrrr out of tune. His loud voice is enough to make you body trembling, you knee weakening and your performance is a DUHHHH! . since that day, i promised to myself to mould a perfect service.
"because you are a complete loser, when you fail to let the ball goes into the opponent's side."

so back to my questin, i prefer B to be the answer. yeah~ optimistic. hihi.

yup, i am a sport girl, a restless one who couldn't stand still. i love volley so much and ya i used to be a long distance runner. my favour one - 800m, equal to two times parameter of a track (field).. usually whenever i had a downfall, i will jog around the field, just to felt the breeze , let all my problems set free...

unfortunately, here in my college, no track& field facilities are provided. i mean, they dont have the facilities for runner, if they do, it is unsafety i thought, due to the geographical problems - field. errr dont get me wrong, they have superb facilities for other sports including tennis, futsal, basketball court, volleyball court, lawn ball, football field, rugby field & etc... but they cant provide us with everything we wanted. i learnt my lesson ;)

so. every evening you could find me playing volleyball at volleyball court , and sometimes i would be palying basketball with the girls and boys too. and eventhough im deadly sick, i still playing unless it was raining miaaaaowww & wooofffff2.

and thats the beginning of my love story - college version. ;)

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