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ok. Fareeza . mY first friend in my class. She helps me alot! I am kinda girl who always forget abouuut errmmm everythng. And I always forget or actually lost my key rooms. SO come the rescue! MRS. fAREEZA!! @ EASY. . She always there whenever I knockd her door. WITH a pathetic face, a big smile like this :) , she nodded quickly. AND TADAAAA~~ she unlocked my door + sometimes her roomates helps me too. Evertime I wanna cry, i will come to her FIRST. (p/s our room is sooo near). I used her charger anytime I wanted, since we have same fon's brand. And she is actually my Tablemate.. bt Fareeza is a lion... and her words can "roooaaaaarrrrr"". hahahah. I HURTed few times but I KNEw she was talking the truth. THE MOST VITAL REASON WHY i Love her?? she will tell you everything in her mind and not what exactly what u wanted hear. speaking of the honesty - Fareeza is in my toplist candidaates..

Since she is a green person, her belongings are perfectly in order. Her room is so neat and tidy.She is unique in her own way. oh YA, she is beautiful and she walks like a model! roooaaaaarr. lion - hot model. serious ;)

Dear fareeza, I am so sorrrryyyy if i ever hurt you or if i am a burden to you. You are my saviour - wondergirl! yeah XD


Ok this is Afiqah Moghni. At first, i thought she is so classy and if you ever noticed, from one angle, she looks like Marsha AF. hahah( Fi, I know you hate this, hahahahha.) During orientation day, she looks like MISS Arrogant except her irresistable smile. This hawt girl has a wonderful smile.. Fi, how we can be sooo close aaa??? okay. Maybe because of geographical factor. She is mix-blooded sarawakian+ _______ (i FORGOT WHERe your dad come from). myb Selangor. No wonder she is smart. Fi once said " mix blooded children always smarter than the non-mix one". She never realized, she was talking bout herself.. huhu. Erm, she always good when it comes to putting the words in perfect ORDER. I mean sometimes, when you got sooo many words jumbled up, bt you just couldnt expressed it. Ask Fi, she know what to do. Seriously I learnt a lot from her, she even influenced me to read Jodi Picoult's novel. ( i hate reading novels). Bt exception goes because of her.hahaha. oh ya, one thing, She has a cool IPHONE. thx you so much coz allowed me to play with it. ;) and lappy too,for facebooking.

Thank you so much for invited me to your house and let me spend the one week holiday with your family.. and made me feel like i was at my own house.. and her Mama rocx! She asked me go to sleep when i woke up so early during the hols. hihi.

Fi, remembered during Kem Amal Islami, you felt so insecured? and I know why. And you asked me to sit by your side?? Im SOOO glad that I could comfort you.. I feel appreciated when you need me and just have time to talk bout ehehehemmmmmmmmm... I wanna let you know, you could find me anytime you wanted..

p/s = she is a wonderful cheerleader. A rainbow girl. Rainbow= colourful=beautiful.

ok. i dunno what to do now. hihihi. thats a good reason why i am here. writing crappy things.again. k then, k now i wanna introduce, my precious friend, my sister....

1) ok. her name is farha.or simply SAFO stands for sitti anis farha osman. hihi. seriously, she is the one who turns my perception 360 degree about "gedik" girl. hhuhu.. i remembered during orientation day ( we are in the same group for certain events/slots), farha so elegant and dainty. Her sharp nose IS ADORABLE. i dunno why, she looks so matured LIKE a

high profile student. oh ya, there is one time, we had to build wind... ok i seriously forget the name.windfall no. windshelter.. grrrrr... never mind, remind me later about the name. . we were provided with straws only, and the condition = the fan must be able to rotate without damaging the whole _______( insert the name of the thing).. well, since we were just enrolled, it hard to communicate with strangers.. ( admit it).. So, a kelantenese guy took the role to lead our group and proceed with the ___________( insert it). However, his accent is toooo strong, eventho he tried to speak English ( consindering his group mates from different state in Malaysia), i couldnt understand some words... many words actually, i got confused whether he conversed in BM or Bi. Speechless, i gave him a weird look while he was expressing his idea to all of us. And I looked around, everyone looked confused too but some managed to just nod. I dont know they truly understand or just giving him a solid nod. Not long after that, i heard a girl's voice. She tried hard to translate what the kelantanese guy was saying.. She looks sincere, i mean you could tell if the person want to make fun of people because of their difference or another way around.. AND its her. FARHA... we failed to complete the task, everyone seems dissapointed. No words were spoken but their face could gave me 100 signals that at least they were down. again. This girl comforted us again. " its ok, at least we had finish done the ________, eventho the fan cannot rotate. thx guys". Wow, thats a good impression.. I could write an essay bout her, or mayb the words is equivalent to our EE"s standard essay.

duh!! lets keep it simple. OK, then she turns out to be my classmate. Okay, i wasnt into "gedik" girl. No, i know we are all different, we should embrace each other. but there are some kind of girls who really the opposite of you. but I dont hate them. I just ... erm jealous??? nope. I just x comfort to be around them. Obviously, FARHA is that kinda girl. Sometimes i GET ANNOYED , of her endless questions to teachers. Note : she is very2 muc like the kindagarten kids who always questions wat the teacher are teaching, giving her opinion ( seriously her opinion can twist your paradigm over something) ... and her manja act. Bt, the moment when she asked me to her house , i just couldnt say no. Her family were sooo damn kind and welcoming. Her mother is a superb chef ( love her soo much). I could stay at her house whenever I want ( holiday). Then , I dunno why, slowly we became closed. She isnt "gedik". Seriously, i mean she is a spoiled girl but it flows naturally.. she treated boys and girls almost equal. ( gedik = act bit*hy in front of guyS)... then i know, some girl just born with it. I know actually we are the opposite of others but ....

DEar farha, i miss you girl. remmebered all our promises? our secrets? Remember i always find you evertime i fall. remembered i CRIEd non-stop, then You tried so hard to comfort me. Remember the time i was sooo damn hungry, you offered me some food eventho u were hungried too. Remembered I going through a lot, I vomitted a lot & refused to eat, refused to study... You stayed by my side and dragged me back to reality, woke me up from my n8mare.. You are so loyal. Truly. I wanna thanked you for all your kindness and I am so sooooorrrryyy If I ever hurt you..
P/S = dONT be fooled by her mature looks. original facade.

erm, then my classmates. i am luckly to be in MO9L, my classmates are cool, thoughtful and super duber loud! boooo...

to mo9l girls

atiqah : i always looked up for you, for the best advise. you are a matured kakak for me.

anis - your gentle really amazed me. You are funnny & super sensitive to people . I like the way you beat Alif & Anding evertime they want to condemn you.
hanim= HYE smart girl. U really helpful & not to firget your joker part.

AMANi - You are fierce but kind hearted. You worked so hard & a talented mother. ;)
Muna : SISTER, YOU are so creative. And im sooooo clingy to you especially during exam. hahha. dont ask me why.
ADILA : hey silent killer. your wrong tune voice amuzed me.
Ah moy : thx you for all the knowledge you shared with me... You never complain when i asked you over a question for many times.. hahah
SharifAH : you sangat manis. ;) sangat2...
farah : bulat2.. you soooo rajin. hardworking and sometimes in a group, you willing to do more task compared to other people. thx.

gIRLS = SORRY for stolen your pic. i love you all.

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