Tuesday, June 1, 2010


ok. finally i have my own blog. kinda funny because i didnt used to write craps thingy, but now i know i have to. . i just need to numb my mind,to empty my memories or could i ask to delete some of my data?? huhu

ok.lets restart. hye I am jemz. my full name is Jamariah, some of my friend asked me, y jemz? why not maria??

jemz = jam. pronounce it perfectly~~~ ;)

ok. Maria??? it is a ghost name. i do know why but i feel ghoosebumps, my hair straight up lol! scary.. maria~~~~~~~ ok. stop!

i am a college student. yeah, im 18. bt being GROWN Up girl wasn't a piece of a cake job. well, when im in high school, most of the time im thinking of PNG, standrdzd test, outing , BOYS and clinque. bt now... i have lotsa problem to be handle, n sometimes i feel like i wanna give up.. bt Hello!

this is jemz. gIVE UP never exist in her dictionary, optimistic yeah!

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