Friday, January 27, 2012

of them

Lovable cards from my beautiful girls.

spot the friendship bracelet

A travel destination that reminds me of someone.

A new collection of postcard on the blue board

and melodious Full House, limited edition.

To the people who understand my language, who bear with my attitude, who fathom it out.

A bunch of people who shared their rupees - for the sake of me. A gift , a replacement – an incredibly new phone, so I won’t miss any birthday party anymore. So I won’t go anywhere- unnoticed.

A bunch of people who collected some euros during their winter break , and letting the parcel travelled through the air. Reaching upon me, leaving me speechless, breathless.

A circle of girls, who spread the love during the twilight. Words of religion, grasp on the fine print of holy papers to feed my inner soul.

A group of them, boycotting my birthday, telling others not to drop any wish up until the sun lose its shine. Surprise came, with a cake on a roll, and uploading the most inappopriate video of the year.

Those people, who help me to get back on my feet, sending positive vibes from the different land. Save me from precarious situation, pushing me to the limit, to make a great leap.

Lastly, for those who remember me in their prayer. Even the world can’t buy that.

I humbly say, Thank you, my friends! Of same or different continent, of different hues, who cares? Love just need to spread its wing, to hug the whole world, embrace with all it takes.

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