Sunday, January 8, 2012


Today our usrah was hillarious. It was funny because Fariza was non stop complaining about her empty stomach, while the rest tried to persuade her that it's all right. Ru Z was volunteered to cook her a meal, since Fariza had missed her lunch, but she kinda refused it. Syikin came a bottle of delicious juice,- which are meant to be shared to everyone, while the late comer- Wani, entered the room with a cool astrounout-like-jacket. After everyone is settled, Khairunissa started the usrah wilth ummul kittab Al Fatihah. Oh ya before that, Harisa went on asking everyone anything we wanna had felt all along the week.

And the details of heart-to-heart sessions are dead secrets. :P

We went on read&revised surah An- Nas, and I was mesmerized with the last 2 verses,

" Those who instill evil thoughts into the hearts of men" (114 : 5)
" Among the jinns and men " (114 : 6)

I guess we're all memorized and familiar with this ayah.Since we were young, muqaddam is a holy book we brought to mosque, after careful took 'wudu', with our crawling tajweed, of twisting tongue we learnt to recite this surah. And yes, this surah is famous in our solah.
But today was little different. When Khairunnisa mentioned about the evil thoughts are widespread not only by themselves, yet through their agents - men. Astagfirllah alazim. I'm not saying I am good, but look upon myself, what if I am one of the spreader?

We spread bad words - thats 'backbiting' and we spread the untrue stories- that is 'fitnah'.

I see that, life can be magnificent and overwhelming but what if- we had planted too much love in dunya that we forget about the hereafter? We get too scared of death but it is the plain truth that it is NEAREST thing to us?. We know that evils are liars but we got hypnotized with their fake promises. We tend to hate our muslim's friends yet they are our siblings. Too easy to forget we were generation of ADAM A.s?.

“Creeping upon you is the diseases of those people before you:
envy and hatred.

And hatred is the thing that shapes. I do not say it shapes the hair but it shapes the religion.
By the One in whose Hand is my soul, you will not enter paradise until you believe, and you will not believe until you love one another.
Certainly, let me inform you of that which may establish such things: spread the greetings and peace among yourselves.”

[Recorded by Imam Ahmad & Al-Tirmidhi]

Please purify our hearts Ya ALLAH. :)
p/s I love Harisah, Khairunissa,Fariza Ru Z, Syikin and Wani.

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