Sunday, October 23, 2011

de ATH

It was 2 a.m and I still reading, my twitter page. Today is Sunday, and it is not a holiday. Yeah we have class – Malay Class which is compulsory even though I’m no longer in my hometown But it’s fine with me.

I feel so blessed today, I just done my revision and I can easily grab the concept. It is well extraordinary, because I know my capability but sometimes I just underestimate myself. I am my worst enemy. I like putting unnecessary pressure on myself, by telling I’m not good enough. Point out my own weakness instead of concentrating on my strength. That’s pathetic. I know.

Pause. Then, a thought come into my mind. If Allah didn’t ease my study, I won’t be able to digest the content of my subject. That’s the ultimate true. Alhamdulilah, I closed my eyes, letting my soul to recall the shower of bless on me. Again, thank you ALLAH.

Another pause. What if I die tonight? Will people cry? like how I did when I first see this world? Yes.MAYBE. But apart from tears, I just hope they will remember me in their plight every time in sollah. Al fatihah is the best present one can give for the dead man, and me too. Fear of dying is there, but it is a world that already destined for us. This world we are live in is merely a dream, and the immortal life is after your heartbeat stop pumping.

I remember Fi’s father a.k.a Mr. Moghni said

“Dying is like moving from another phase. Like when you are baby, you grow up as a teenager, an adult, the old man and come the last phase, ‘man from different, time’. If you implement that in your mind, then you can lessen the fear”

Stop. Someone had just passed away. I ‘m not kidding. I just READ Azmir seed’s tweet. A junior. a boy. Mara College Banting.

Tick tock tick tock. His time had came.Who is next?

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