Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wish #18 a new heart.

Like a depleted metal, letting go off the bubbles. it dissolved and left its trace behind. Vanished, disappear, but no sounds, mute. Can you tell?

Unlike flammable mercury, hazardous. volatile, even your ears (masking) are helpless. You can tell,


Everyone is struggling for so many things in her/his life. study, money, girl/boyfriend, marriage, kids, career or disease. Name it. You name it. Add the ambiguity of the aim, the goal, passion perhaps, and you learn by silence that you fall down and get up, again and again.

Last two days my heart arches because of something I dare not to mention. Misery is the best word to describe when it becomes so painful to bear with. It takes courage and strength to shaken myself, let go off the turmoil (of egoistic) inside my heart. Astagfirlahalazim.

she said,
" The problem is nothing but your heart", and indeed The Almighty won't look at your face, body but your HEART. It's tiring and frustrating because the blaming game is useless, and this reminder knocks me off. huh. Growing older is not easy, and I reminded myself, it's okay. Past is past, things happened.

I won't be indifferent nor unmoved. I need to change the glass, before filling it up again with the new, water. Tell me it is not that easy.

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