Friday, August 12, 2011

For Asyraf, For Palestinian people

Millions feel for Asyraf – headline for Star newspaper today.

“ Asyraf- a Malaysian student who currently study in Kaplan University, London being attacked by a group of 20 people in his way to iftar ( break fast). His bicycle was taken away by one of them, so did his PSP and hand phone. Not just that, he had to undergo jaw corrective surgery after being hit by the scum” – this is my summary over some articles I‘ve read in newspaper and internet.

It was amazing to know a fellow has created a Facebook fan page for him, where people have the opportunity to like the page, and showered him with millions of prayers and good wishes. Most of the British people apologized for the uncivilized action made by few scum, and stated that they are actually more decent British people in UK .

Blessing in disguise: There are many parties willing to sponsor him, like the local party is readily bought the flight tickets for his family, some might sponsored his medical expenses, and a British company is giving away a new bicycle- to replace the old one. And people keep the donation coming.

When people described this is indecent behaviour, barbaric, inhumane, I would like to know what words are going to slip off their mouth when they get to know the truth of Palestine? If bleeding mouth that cost him a jaw surgery can be hottest title in most Newspapers all over the world, then how about numerous murders of Musleem families in Palestine?

If his possessions were taken away from him, some other parties are willing to pay him back.

But how about Palestinian people- their right were denied, the “Invaders” seized their land, and their possessions were all gone, who will even care about them?

Do people have new definition of MERCY in this new era?

Watching the videos of fathers being tortured and taken away from their family is enough to make me burst into tears. The cry babies, the single mothers, the hunger brothers and the faces of my siblings pledge from million miles. Do people still think they are terrorists when they have nothing left (not a single weapon) but sacred souls that determined to keep on fighting. Do the people still stand firmly to support them as much as they did for Ashraf?

Then again, not my intended to condemn Asyraf, and the people who support him, he deserved the attention but I just want to highlight how the media plays big role in reporting BIG NEWS, that surely catch people’s attention. Sadly, media are prohibited to tell the whole world, the true stories behind the people who were labelled as TERRORIST in Palestine.

To my brothers and sisters, keep on praying for our siblings in Palestine. May Allah granted them with more redz ( rezeki) for this ramadhan, and when the death beds are calling, pray hard that it is for the name of “ fi sabililah”. Ameen.

For Asyraf, I hope you will recover soon and get back on your track- as a student. A tough guy indeed, who choose to stay, continue to chase after his dream and put off his nightmare behind, a true Malaysian I would say. May Allah bless you. Ameen.


  1. salam,

    hey, i would say it is a great opinion from a different angle. keep it up. truly IB students. hehe. :)

  2. Waalaikumsalam, I humbly thank you for spending time, to read this, and hit the comment button. :)