Sunday, April 3, 2011

will the SESSION bake under the cloudless sky?

Knowing that academic classes has ended, now it starts with something new. A group discussion in IRP group @ study group. So, its MUNA -the leader, FI, POJIE, PAAN and I to be clustered in a group. Teachers already warned us that the sessions are rather tiring and extremely exhausted throughout the day.

" You need to take supplement! Feed your brain with the necessary nutrients "- Bio teacher

" Guys, you need to be COOL. Chill la " - Math teacher

" I really really really think that IRP session will help you, IF IF IF you are really participate, help each other and put the-never-ending efforts " - Chem teacher

" IRP is not a magic session without any portions or wards. You need to learn to be a witch, to be drained in cries before you reap in joys" - IRP coordinator

Madam Surinam, the IRP coordinator once showed us, some of the testimonials made by our super-super duper seniors. Guess, I did rolled my eyes, widely open. Not to trust the wordS am reading ....

" Thank you...... I already made it. From 26, I jump to 36..." - SENIOR a
" .... 45 is not impossible. Even when you score a 28 on the 3rd SEM " senior B

"Can I do that?" I am too afraid to even frame the question on my mind. or speak it out.

InsyAllah WITH Allah's help.

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