Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Last week was an extremely exhausted week, imagine a-3-weeks exams is compressed into a 5 days. So, basically,we had our exams started from the sun rose until the sun set ( 430 pm actually). My brain was wearing off.
No, I wont talk about any devastating result or feeling or anything which carried the same meaning, because I do think most of my friends feel the same way like I do, (minus the one who are excellent). It is far more frustrating to brag about how low your mark was, how you think you are incapable to achieve the target, how UNPREPARED you are... and the list goes on and on.. Save those words to Allah. It is okay to feel sad, or share them with someone, friends. But not to overdone the talking part. Especially if you are telling to those who get marks LOWER than yours. And I am not referring or pointing to anyone, this is just a general perception. Cliche situation during the getting-result-phenomena.

And IB is just few days to go, and pray for me...
okay crapppppp

Suddenly I forget what I intended to write, excuse me, I feel a little bit groggy, I better recharge now. Good Night!

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