Saturday, May 21, 2011

turn away

Words can be as sweet as the fresh air,when it revolves around you, you had no choice but
directly inhaled it for your aching, desperate lung.But
sometimes, it can hurt you too, like a blade that shed the blood out of your fragile skin. And the
pain you even care,less. Hurt you worse than a sharp knife.

And wise Dianarika sari said "let go the people who hate you, they are toxic". I wish I could stand up and gave a big applause for the quotation.

So, if you are leaving, then don't turn back. I'm gonna find my own way home.


  1. who the fucking hell are you? never heard you before? are you the cleaner of MCB?
    sincerely, a MCB student

  2. yap. i'm the cleaner of MCB. And thanks for recognizing me.